Small Business owner or self-employed individual, you deserve good advice on your Planning needs. 

Our Small Business Planning process puts the business owner or self-employed individual at the center of the process by integrating your business planning with your personal Financial Plan.

Integrated Process

We help you integrate your Business Planning with your personal Retirement and/or Estate Planning in one seemless service

Reasonable Fees

We are a fee based advisor and keep our fees reasonable by helping you focus on the important aspects of the planning process.

Business Transition Planning: No Matter Where You Want Your Business To Go, Our Solutions Can Help You Get There.

Whether you are transferring the family business to the next generation or just looking to sell the business to fund your retirement, we can help.  Our Business Transition Planning involves four steps:  Estimating the value of your business, a Business Continuity Review, A Business Optimization review, and Helping you Optimize the Business Exit Transaction.

Assisting Small Businesses, Including Private Individuals In optimizing their Retirement planning options.

As a Small Business owner or Self-Employed/Contract worker you have many options when deciding how to save for retirement in a qualified retirement plan.  Bellaire Capital Management, LLC will help you optimize your retirement planning options and choose the option that helps you: maximize pre-tax contributions, pay reasonable fees, and limit paperwork burdens.