About Us

Firm History

Bellaire Capital Management has been offering discretionary Investment Management to individuals since 2010.  The Firm was started by Kevin Spires as way to bring Institutional Quality portfolio management to individuals. Since 2019, Bellaire Capital Management has also offered Comprehensive Financial Planning and now in 2021, is offering Small Business Planning Services.  Bellaire Capital Management is now a full service Wealth Management firm that can help a broad spectrum of clients – from individuals just starting out on their career path to those High Net Worth Individuals and Small Business owners who are looking for ways to grow, protect, and transfer their wealth in the most efficient way possible.

Bellaire Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor and offers Fee Only Financial Planning and Level Fee Investment Advisory Services.  

Our Firm’s Philosophy

Bellaire Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor.  As a Fiduciary, we strongly believe independent, fee-only (non-commission based) advice yields the best financial solutions. It comes from our long-standing philosophy of providing ethical, conflict-free service and placing our clients’ needs first.

As Investors, we also strongly believe in Goals Based Investing – where there is great value and synergies between Financial Planning & Investment Management as a path to meet your goals. 

Our Team

Kevin Spires CFA, FRM

Kevin Spires CFA, FRM

President, CIO