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Financial Planning – Investment Management – Small Business Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning delivered by a Fee Based Advisor

We Help you Invest to Meet your Goals

Goals Based Investing for the Long Term Investor

Integrating Financial Planning and Investment Management

Insurance Planning

If you need help understanding how to insure against life's unexpected events, Bellaire Capital Management is here for you.

Retirement Planning

We help you map out the path to your Retirement date.  From understanding your budget in retirement to planning an efficient investment and then liquidation strategy, we help you plan for Retirement.

Budgeting and Cashflow Planning

The Cornerstone of a sound Financial Plan is your Budget.  The whole point of budgeting is to lead your life intentionally.  Without a budget it is difficult to save to meet your future goals in life.

Investment Management

We offer Discretionary Separate Accounts Management as well as non-discretionary Investment advice.

Small Business Transition Planning

Integrate your Small Business ownership planning with your Comprehensive Financial Plan.  We help you Estimate the Value of Your Firm, plan for your Business Continuity, and structure the Exit Transaction.

Tax Planning

We help you plan so that your Financial Plan leaves you with more after tax resources to meet your Financial Goals.

Our Team

Kevin Spires CFA, FRM

Kevin Spires CFA, FRM

President, CIO

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